Secondary Activity 2a


Inform: Getting the Information ACTIVITY S2a Who is responsible for driving deforestation? Who are the major players? What human activities, locally, nationally and globally contribute to deforestation? 1) Direct students to watch the short videos listed in the Assignments Links. 2a) Then, have students brainstorm, in groups, the actors driving deforestation. There are some resources listed in the Assignment Links that can be used as references. b) As a brainstorm activity, have the groups work to create mind maps that illustrate the actors they have identified responsible for deforestation. They should begin by writing deforestation in the middle of the map and then creating branches from this to related actors, issues and consequences. A link to sample mindmaps is included in the assignment resources that students can use as a reference to create their own. c) Once students are done brainstorming, have them discuss where they think responsibility lies for deforestation. Questions include: - Who is responsible for deforestation? Why? d) Upon completion of the discussion, have students take a vote within the group of who they think is responsible for deforestation. Students can keep track of their votes on the mind map they created by putting a star next to the actor. Once voting is completed, total each score. e) Direct students to the Class Discussions thread marked "Activity S2a - Drivers of Deforestation" to discuss the results of their brainstorm and discussion activities; were there any difficulties deciding on who is responsible for deforestation? What were the results of the vote? 3) OPTIONAL - To illustrate their answers, students can create a "wordle", a "word cloud" that gives greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the text. Students can upload their wordle to the photo gallery marked "Activity 2a - Drivers of Deforestation"

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