Primary Activity 1


INSPIRE - GETTING THE PICTURE Why are forests important to the people, animals and plants that live there? What are people doing to help preserve the forest? ACTIVITY Using the Class Discussions thread marked as "Activity P1 - Rainforest Stories", have students brainstorm five ways the forest can be used by people and other living creatures. FOLLOW UP OPTIONS: Older Primary Students: a) By clicking on Rainforest Stories under the Assignment Links, have students read one of the stories about the importance of the rainforest for children living there. Were there any similarities or differences from the student's initial brainstorm? Have students post their discoveries on the same Class Discussions thread marked "Activity P1 - Rainforest Stories". Younger Primary Students: b) Based on the brainstorm, have students draw photos of what they think life is like for the people, animals and plants who live in the rainforst. If possible, take photos of the art pieces and upload them to the gallery for other students to enjoy! This option is ideal for younger students.

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