Primary Activity 2b


INFORM Activity - My Connection to Deforestation 1) Students go around their classroom and make a list of items that may be made from items found in the forest – how many things that do they use every day originate in the forest? How would it would affect them if they were no longer around? Do they think any of those items, or the way those items are used, contribute to deforestation? 2) Have students post on the Class Discussions board marked "Activity P2b - My Connection to Deforestation" three items they found and/or behaviors they have noted (e.g. paper being thrown in the recycling bin without checking whether it can be used as draft paper) in the classroom and suggest strategies to change them. 3) OPTIONAL - Students can post "photo-blogs" (individually or in teams) of things in the class that could lead to deforestation. Students take photos of their connection to deforestation through the items used in school, and post their photos either as a photo-blog entry or in the photo gallery entitled "My Connection to Deforestation". To assist students in understanding their connection to deforestation, please check out the resource document entitled "Tropical Forests in Our Daily Lives" attached in the Assignment Documents below.

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