Primary Activity 3


INFORM CONSEQUENCES AND IMPACTS OF DEFORESTATION ACTIVITY 1) Students respond to a letter sent to a newspaper by an unhappy reader – what would they say in response? Have students research and draft a response. There are several resources in the Assignments Link that may assist student research. This can be done as an in-class activity, and students can share their answers and discuss the similarities and differences in their responses. Dear Editor, I am growing increasingly frustrated by the amount of column space being given by your paper to the subject of deforestation. I buy the “Daily Local” in order to read about local issues that affect me as a local person. Why should I be interested in what is happening in an area of the world far away from where I live? Please answer me the following: - How does the cutting down of a few trees somewhere else affect my life? - What is so important about the supposed catastrophic effect of deforestation on the planet? - Why, as you claim in your last article, should we be thinking of saving forests when the land can be utilized to produce palm oil or the trees can be used to create furniture and paper? From, Mr. Disgruntled (Adapted from The Prince's Rainforest Project for Schools)

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