Solar Oven Challenge Steps

START DATE:Feb 24, 2012DUE DATE:Jun 8, 2012STATUS:Open


Here are the steps for completing the Solar Oven Challenge: - Review the information on the Solar Oven Challenge (link below) - Refer to the Teacher's Guide for lesson plans and more information regarding the Challenge Review the other assignments that include the solar oven construction plan and backgrounder - Decide when you will build your solar ovens and test them (deadline June 8, 2012) - Decide if you will use some recipes or create your own (see recipes link below) - Gather all of the materials a few weeks before building - Use the submission form to submit your solar oven challenge information (see documents below) - Submit photos either using the Gallery or with your submission


Build and test your solar ovens by June 8, 2012 Complete the submission by June 8, 2012