Cooking Food in the Solar Oven

Posted by KatWoro on 2 Mar 2012

To ensure that food is cooked well enough for eating, please use a thermometer and refer to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency information for a video on food safety tips and recommended internal food temperatures:

Baking Containers - be creative in what you use but make sure they fit in the bottom of the oven - we suggest the aluminum foil pans with one painted black and then using a non-painted one to place the food in, place the food in an oven bag (used for cooking turkeys) and then place that in the painted pan. Feel free to use other ideas (the painting part is kind of tricky) and here are some suggestions:

  • Frozen/fresh food entries with the black containers that can go in ovens
  • Mason jars painted black on the outside
  • Small dark roasting pans
  • Place the food on aluminum foil and then wrap it up and place the aluminum foil package in the oven

Welcome to the Solar Oven Challenge!

Posted by KatWoro on 19 Jan 2012

Arriving here means you have registered for the Solar Oven Challenge and you are now part of the Solar Oven Collaboration.

The solar oven construction plan, solar heat lesson plan and solar heat backgrounder are all posted as assignments (below or under 'Your Collaboration' - Assignments). Links to other solar energy web sites are provided under 'Your Collaboration' - Bookmarks.

You can choose to add students to your class for this project so they can participate in discussions and share their ideas as your project unfolds. These will only be viewed by other classes in the Solar Oven Collaboration.

Other items will be posted and shared. Feel free to use the Project Discussion board to share questions, ideas and anything else with other teachers registered in the Challenge. As the GreenLearning project lead, I will also answer posted questions.

Enjoy the project!