Oil Sands Hearing Simulation - Becoming an Intervener

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This activity simulates the process of applying for intervener status in an oilsands development project. Working in groups, students take on the role of a stakeholder and complete an Intervener Statement.


Get Involved in the Oil Sands

Applying for Intervener Status in an Oil Sands Project Application

1. OIL SANDS 101
You need some general background knowledge about the oil sands. Take virtual field trip of the Oil Sands. Visit the Alberta Oil Sands website (links below).

Review the steps of the Hearing Process.

Read the scenario for the Chickadee OilSands Development Project (attachment below).

Pick your role as a possible intervener (links to interveners below).

Answer the following questions.

1.       Who are you?

2.       Who do you represent?

3.       What is your relationship to the  OS project? Where do you live, work or play?

4.       How will you be directly and adversely affected by the project? Provide facts and use solid reasoning.

5.       What do you think could be done to solve your concerns?

6.       Complete the Intervener Statement questions.

a. A summary of your concerns (how the proposed project could impact you, your organization, or your members and/or adversely affect you, your residence, or lands in which you have an interest):

b. A summary of the history and/or background information that may provide insight to the AER about your concerns:

c. Identify the actions you propose the AER should take in response to your concerns:


Learning Objectives

The Oilsands Hearing assignments address learning objectives consistent / curriculum expectations of Alberta Science 30, Unit D: Energy and the Environment where students will:

  • describe the environmental impact of developing and using various energy sources; i.e., conventional oil, oil sands, solar power, wind power, biomass, hydroelectricity, coalburning power, nuclear power, geothermal (Knowledge Outcome 30–D1.5k)
  • describe how the Aboriginal perspective of an interconnected environment demonstrates the need to balance resource extraction with environmental impact (Knowledge Outcome 30–D1.6k)
  • work collaboratively in addressing problems and apply the skills and conventions of science in communicating information and ideas and in assessing results (Skills Outcome 30–D1.4s

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