DeforestACTION: 21st Century Learning


The DeforestACTION initiative was established in order to empower young people worldwide to become inspired by youth working to fight deforestation, become informed about the issues and politics deforestation, and actively involved in finding a solution. Through the DeforestACTION lessons, students will have the opportunity to: The overall aims and objectives of DeforestACTION are to: • Develop and work on projects that raise funds and protect endangered forests. • Develop local challenges related to the theme of deforestation, where students and teachers produce a relevant project based learning experience unique to their school and community. The overall pedagogical aims and objectives of DeforestACTION are to: • Collaborate on a global platform to solve global problems. • Review and evaluate the causes, impacts and politics of deforestation at the local and global level. • Analyze, using deforestation as an example, how to plan and organize for global issues using collaborative technology. • Prepare action plans by engaging in interactive activities and taking part in valuable discussions with peers and mentors.

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