Country Profiles

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For this week’s individual assignment on our 20/20 project, you will need to research answers to the following questions.  When done, post it to your BLOG in TIGED.ORG
Here are your questions and assigned countries for this assignment.
Erin Bond: India 
Casey Collum: Democratic Republic of Congo 
Spencer Cannon: Jamaica 
Drew Fogarty: China 
Nick D’Elia: Nigeria 
Matt Schneider: Cuba 
Mason Pollack: Sudan 
Nick Nemergut: Syria 
Jacob Plante: Iraq 
Zafar Mirzaliev: Uzbekistan 
Simeon Giraldo: Venezuela 
Kenny Fleming: Ghana 
Andy Douglas: Croatia 
Josh DiMassa: Colombia 
Charlie Gallop: Ivory Coast 
Jake Simons: Afghanistan
This is due on Monday by class.
Nation: _______________________________
Go to and select World FactBook from the drop-down menu. Find your nation and scroll down until you see these categories of information.
Total Population: _________________________________
Population Density:______________________________
Life Expectancy: ________________________________
Infant Mortality Rate: __________________________
Per-Capita GDP:________________________________
Literacy Rate: __________________________________ 
Male: ____________ 
Female: ___________ This may be separated into separate rates for 
males and females. If so, make a note of these numbers.
Major Religions:
Try to note what percentage of the population belongs to each religion.
Go to Transparency International’s website at 
On the left side of the screen you’ll find the heading “Corruption Perceptions Index.” Click on 2007. 
Scroll down the list until you find your nation. 
What number is your country? _________ The lowest numbers are the worst.

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