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Challenge 20/20 sefciksk October 28th, 2013 0

[Poll] Reflections on the 2070 video

Water Deficit Project esebik November 6th, 2013 0

Class List

Name Year Description


Intermediate / Middle for the 2011-12 NAIS 20/20 Challenge New Hope Academy is collaborating with Colegio Americano de Torreon. Our middle school students will work together to solve a problem involving global infectious diseases.

20/20 Challenge Biodiversity and Ecosystem Losses

Primary / Elementary A collaboration of three schools working towards solving issues about endangered species.

20/20 Challenge Water Deficits (private)

Intermediate / Middle This is a collaboration between Wardlaw-Hartridge, International College, and Morristown-Beard School. This collaborative effort is focused on the 20/20 Challenge of water deficits.

20/20 Poverty (private)

Intermediate / Middle Working together on the NAIS 20/20 Challenge to come up with innovative ideas for a major step up in the fight against poverty.

4Bees (private)

Primary / Elementary We are learning about global issues.

8DVScience (private)

Intermediate / Middle

Across the Pond (private)

Secondary High school classes will compare water quality on either side of the Atlantic. Students will be encourage to consider the importance of water quality, threats to water quality and ideas for protecting water quality.

Adventurers (private)

Primary / Elementary Participating cities: New York City, Rio de Janiero, Melbourne, and Mumbai

Adventurers (private)

Primary / Elementary Participating Cities: Accra, Berlin, Delhi, London, Lima, Melbourne, Mumbai, New York City, Sydney, Toronto

Adventurers (private)

Intermediate / Middle A collaboration space for students in Accra, London, Mexico City, Mumbai, New York City, Prague, Shanghai, Toronto, and Warsaw.

Adventurers 2011 (private)

Intermediate / Middle Participating cities: Accra, Buenos Aires, Dublin, Edinburgh, London, New York City and Rome.

Amphibian Monitoring (private)

Secondary This is a space for our ZooCorps Amphibian Monitoring Group to share, connect, and document the experience.

Angels 1 (private)

Secondary De stigmatising mental health, to inform, educate and evoke students.

Appleby and Kings (private)

Other Collaboration with Kings Academy Jordan

Applied science (private)

Primary / Elementary

Aptech (private)

Primary / Elementary

ASFG&CCS Global Warming (private)

Intermediate / Middle This is a collaboration between ASFG (Mexico) and CCS (US).

Be Part (private)

Professional Development Our schools thrive on information. In the ever-changing world filled with new technology, our teachers and students require the right information, from the right sources, today. Having direct access to industry information gives the competitive edge needed to succeed. Student performance can be...

Belmont and PSU (private)

Primary / Elementary

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Loses

Primary / Elementary This is the site for collaborative problem solving regarding biodiversity and ecosystem losses. Participating schools are Pacific Northern Academy, Montclair Kimberley Academy, and International College.

Biodiversity and ecosystem losses (private)

Intermediate / Middle Challenge 20/20

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Losses (private)

Primary / Elementary This is a place to hold our collaborative discussions around biodiversity and ecosystem losses.

biodiversity and ecosystem losses

Primary / Elementary Biodiversity and ecosystem losses

Biodiversity and ecosystem losses 2 (private)

Intermediate / Middle Challenge 20/20

Bow River Inquiry

Secondary Bow River Inquiry

Branding Team (private)

Primary / Elementary This is a space for members of the Branding Team to collaborate, plan and share.

Breakout Room

Primary / Elementary Space to discuss deforestaction!

BSS - Water Deficits (private)

Primary / Elementary Here is a forum for students to discuss various aspects of water.

C20 (private)

Primary / Elementary ready to go

Carbon Footprints Learning Circle 2 (private)

Secondary Canada, Bangladesh, Australia, USA, Argentina

Carbon Footprints Learning Circle 3 (private)

Primary / Elementary USA, Canada

Carol Ann Duffy (private)

Secondary Carol Ann Duffy-Valentine I would like to set up an email/blog space/skype for my Year 11 students (15 years old) from New Zealand who have been studying Carol Ann Duffy's, Valentine, to communicate with any other schools that are doing this poem too. The age that would be suitable would be...

Challenge 20/20

Intermediate / Middle This is a collaboration for the Challenge 20/20 project, 2013. Participating schools are from Tennessee, Texas, and Brazil, and will be communicating to propose solutions to the digital divide and poverty.

Challenge 20/20 (private)

Intermediate / Middle NAIS Challenge 20/20 Spring 2014 Water Deficits Collaboration between All Saints'-Phoenix, Watkinson School-Hartford, and Union School, Port-au-Prince.

Challenge 20/20 - Global Infectious Disease (private)

Secondary Collaboration for the NAIS Challenge 20/20 Global Infectious Disease Issue

Challenge 20/20 Education (private)

Intermediate / Middle A collaboration to solve the global problem of education for all.

Challenge 20/20 global warming (private)

Intermediate / Middle This is the collaborative workspace for our 20/20 project.

Challenge 20/20 Global Warming (private)

Primary / Elementary 2013-2014 Challenge 20/20. Students of The Evergreen School, Summit School of Ahwatukee, and American Institute of Monterrey are collaborating to work towards solutions to global warming.

Challenge 20/20 Water Deficits (private)

Primary / Elementary Challenge 20/20 water deficit collaboration.

China and United States Challenge 20/20 (private)

Secondary Students, grades 9-12, in the United States and China work to solve global infectious diseases on a local level.

Choices-VHS (private)

Secondary 1) Get Informed! This module gives learners a brief introduction to mental illness. It focuses on what mental illness has meant across time and different cultures. This module also provides a brief overview of the organ associated with mental illness: the brain.. This module gives learners a...


Primary / Elementary Testing this as a platform.

Climate Change Where I Live (private)

Secondary Collaborative space for "Climate Change Where I Live" project.

Clinton Climate Change Project (private)

Primary / Elementary Critical Pathway collaboration on Climate Change at Clinton Street Junior Public School

collaboration for planting trees (private)

Intermediate / Middle collaboration for planting trees

collabtest (private)

Adult Education

Comparison of Astronomical Observations Around the World (private)

Secondary We're collaborating to compare and contrast astronomical observations from around the world. What's the same and what' different in how we view events? Are there any cultural implications for the event and what are they? How do students observe and record their data? Is technology a part of the...

Confederate Flag

Intermediate / Middle A discussion of the Confederate Flag.

Conservation Challenge Community

Intermediate / Middle C3 Challenging students to conserve at home.

Conservation Night (private)

Secondary This is a space for members of the Conservation Night Planning Team to collaborate and Share.

Course Development - Careers in Alternative Energy (private)

Primary / Elementary Teacher collaborative space for the development of Manitoba Careers in Alternative Energy

Covington School (private)

Intermediate / Middle This the collaborative workspace for our challenge 20/20 project.

CSOV 4th grade 2020 project

Primary / Elementary This is our collaboration web site for the NAIS 2020 project on deforestation.

Dal Innovation


Deep Creek Middle School (private)

Primary / Elementary We are planning a collaborative effort between Brookwood School and DCMS for the 2012-13 school year.


Other DeforestACTION is engaging the Microsoft Innovative Schools community to propose ideas and collaboratively design a global action plan to combat deforestation.

DeforestACTION Primary Schools

Other Collaboration on DeforestACTION!

DeforestACTION Secondary Schools

Secondary DeforestAction Secondary Schools!

Deforestation (private)

Intermediate / Middle Challenges 2020 project on deforestation. The 6th grade MC English classes at SEV Elementary School in Izmir, Turkey are collaborating with The Hewitt School in New York City.

democracy (private)

Primary / Elementary democracy

demonstration (private)

Professional Development Demo collaboration

Digital Divide 2014 (private)

Primary / Elementary A collaboration between Singapore School Cebu of the Philippines and the Stanley Clark School of South Bend Indiana.

Digital Divide Fall 2011 (private)

Primary / Elementary Challenge 20/20 collaboration between Lycée Darius Milhaud, Chase Collegiate School and Liberty High School.

Donna (private)

Primary / Elementary I am in the PD class. I am collaborating.

Eco Heros (private)

Secondary This is a space for members of the Eco Heroes Team to collaborate, plan and share.


Professional Development

EcoSchools (private)

Other EcoSchools

Ecosystem Destruction

Secondary 20/20 Challenge collaboration between schools in North Carolina, Philippines, and Kenya on the topic of ecosystem destruction across the globe.


Intermediate / Middle View from my window.The first step is to take a photo.The second step is to write a descriptive writing according to this photo.

Education 4 All

Intermediate / Middle A collaborative project between Long Island Lutheran Middle and High School (USA) and Faith Lutheran College (Australia)

Education for All

Intermediate / Middle Testing collaboration

Education for All (private)

Primary / Elementary Here is a location for all of us to collaborate about education for all.

Education for All (private)

Intermediate / Middle A partnership between Ismayilli Secondary School #1 named after I. Hasanov in Azerbaijan; Mountain View Montessori in Reno, NV; and The Baldwin School in Bryn Mawr, PA.

Education for All - 20/20 Challenge 2011 (private)

Intermediate / Middle This is a collaboration for schools participating in the NAIS 20/20 Challenge focusing on the topic "Education for All"

Education for all - NAIS Challenge 20/20 program (private)

Intermediate / Middle This is a collaboration between global issues class in Wroclaw (Poland) and ethics class in Washington (USA)

Education for All - P & US (private)

Intermediate / Middle Our purpose is to communicate with a school in another culture in order to collaborate on the issue of Education for All and Literacy. We hope to share what the challenges are in each of our communities and through our actions implement positive change.

Ejercicio 1 (private)

Secondary Viendo como funciona la colaboración.

Emerge Blog

Primary / Elementary sdsd

Ending Global Disease Epidemics: From Fiji to Vermont

Secondary Students from Vermont Commons School in South Burlington, VT and International School Suva in Fiji collaborate to address the global problem of infectious diseases.

Environmental Issues (private)

Intermediate / Middle This is a collaborative page that will allow all grade 9 students to explore.

Environmental Issues (private)

Secondary test


Primary / Elementary In 205 B.C., the Greek astronomer Eratosthenes, at the time Director of the Great Library of Alexandria in Egypt, proposed a purely geometrical method to measure the length of the Earth’s meridian (circle passing through the poles). He started by using the observation of shadows made at two...

Example Collaboration (private)

Primary / Elementary This is a space for teachers and students in the Netherlands and England to connect with one another and learn about climate change together.

Explorers (private)

Intermediate / Middle Youth from New York City Parks & Recreation after-school program and students from Beijing, Budapest, Dublin, Jerusalem Tokyo and Toronto explore local business and investigate the world economy.

Explorers (private)

Primary / Elementary Participating Cities: Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, London, Mumbai, New York City, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Toronto, Vancouver

Explorers (private)

Intermediate / Middle A collaboration space for students in Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Lima, New York City, Paris, Toronto, Vancouver, and Warsaw.

Fall Club (private)

Intermediate / Middle We are a club focusing on poverty in our three countries: Pakistan, Canada, and the US

Farms to Friends (private)

Primary / Elementary This is a space for members of the Farm to Friends Action Team to collaborate, plan and share.


Intermediate / Middle Farragut Community Center

FHCDS/St.Mark's 2020 (private)

Intermediate / Middle Challenge 2020 partnerhsip - Education for All

Fight Against Poverty

Intermediate / Middle Students working with other students from different cultures, will explore and develop a plan that will help address world poverty.

FoxcroftJoffre (private)

Secondary Challenge 20/20 Global Warming

French - Academic exchange

Primary / Elementary This is a collaboration for elementary students in French.

From Nigeria to Canada: A Look at Global Warming (private)

Secondary This collaboration is between Corona Secondary School Agbara in Lagos, Nigeria, St. John's School in Vancouver, Canada and Eagle Rock School and Professional Developement Center in Colorado, USA. Our collaboration is for the Winter Term of 2013


Secondary Fun design bases on 3 Euros. Unlock your imagination, use under 3 Euros to design your art work, develop your talent, and create a miracle around us. Use limited budget to give the world a new life--- Design revival with 3 Euros. 3 Euros to create an art work. It is not only the products we can...


Primary / Elementary Collaboration page for year 5


Primary / Elementary collaboration page for year5


Primary / Elementary collaboration page for year5

Geographers (private)

Primary / Elementary Participating Cities: Dublin, Ho Chi Minh City, Jerusalem, Mumbai, New York City, São Paulo, Sydney, Toronto

Geographers (private)

Intermediate / Middle A collaboration space for students in Ho Chi Minh City, Libreville, London, Melbourne, Mumbai, New York City, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, and Warsaw.

Geographers 2011 (private)

Intermediate / Middle Participating cities: Berlin, Budapest, Copenhagen, Glasgow, London, New York City and Shenyang.

Gettin' Tiggy Wid It (private)

Professional Development

GHG Reducation Tracker (private)

Primary / Elementary Students make pledges to reduce GHG emissions. Class results are tracked.

Gimnasio del Norte (private)

Primary / Elementary 20/20 collaborative workspace

Global 20/20 Grace Church School & Al Hekma

Intermediate / Middle Collaboration between Grace Church School in NYC and Al Hekma in Bahrain for the Global 20/20 Challenge

Global Challenge 20/20

Secondary A collaboration on the issues of implementation of financial and service support for communities in need and the challenges in dealing with government and local corruption in the implementation of programs and services.

Global Collaboration (private)

Secondary This is a collaboration between Kate's dance class in Toronto and Martha's science class in Madrid. We will be exploring environmental issues.

Global Economics (private)


Global Education 20/20

Secondary A collaboration between Long Island Lutheran in America, and Faith Lutheran School in Australia, regarding the issue of global education

Global Infectious Disease Challenge: US & Mexico (private)

Intermediate / Middle Emerald Mountain School in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA, Cambridge Montessori School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, and the American Institute of Monterrey, in Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leon, Mexico are working together to understand the issues of Global Infectious Disease and to seek...

Global Infectious Diseases (private)

Intermediate / Middle Challenge 20/20

Global Issues

Secondary To collaborate with Chesterfield Day School

Global Peacekeeping 2013

Secondary A collaboration site for the Global Peacekeeping team of Hodges, Crumby, and Zeek

Global Warming (private)

Primary / Elementary Partner School in Challenge 20/20

Global Warming (private)

Intermediate / Middle Global warming project Challenge 20/20

Global warming

Primary / Elementary Global warming projects and collaboration.

Global Warming Collaboration (private)

Intermediate / Middle NAIS Challenge 20/20 Global Warming Collaboration

Global Warming Foxcroftjoffre (private)

Secondary A 20/20 collaboration between Foxcroft School, Middleburg, VA and College Joffre, Montepellier, France to find local solutions to the issue global warming.

Global Warming- NAIS Team 814

Primary / Elementary The Pegasus School, Instituto Alexander von Humboldt, and The McGuffey Foundation School look forward to collaborating on our study of Global Warming as part of the NAIS 2020 Challenge for 2012.

GlobalInfectiousDiseases (private)

Primary / Elementary Collaborative Site for global infectious diseases project

Globalization (private)

Secondary This virtual classroom is intended for students in Edmonton and schools in Finland to collaborate on assignments and topics related to globalization -- the grade ten curriculum.

globalwarming2014 (private)

Primary / Elementary creating local solutions to the global warming problem

gpjsummer13 (private)

Intermediate / Middle A collaboration space for students in Accra, Johannesburg, Melbourne, Mumbai, and New York City.

Grade 10 Climate Change

Secondary Collaborative space for teachers developing activities for Ontario Grade 10 Science classes on Climate Change

Green Salmon and Ham (private)

Secondary This is a space for members of the Green Salmon and Ham Team to collaborate, plan and share.

GreenContributor (private)

Primary / Elementary This is the room for GreenContributor member schools to participate in collaborative projects

Greenlearning Video Festival (private)

Primary / Elementary Greenlearning Video Festival

Group 05 and 06 collaboration (private)

Intermediate / Middle Mrs. Meagher's and Mrs. Huard's homerooms collaborate on Global Issues


Secondary Collaboration page for The Gunnery, in Washington, CT; The Daly College in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India & Trinity Hall in Leonardo, NJ. The topic for this collaboration is: Global problem assigned: Massive step-up in the fight against poverty Grade level of team: 9-12 TERM ONE September...

HackleyGreenHills (private)

Secondary Collaboration site for Hackley/Green Hills NAIS 20/20 report

hamcoll level4 (private)

Primary / Elementary

Hollandschool (private)

Intermediate / Middle hunger

How Does this work? (private)

Primary / Elementary Collaborating with Ping!

How to be a star in your community?

Professional Development Introduction about the leadership of individuals and communities ABC community leadership Specifications of field leader Top works Loved by communities Keep your capital (community)

Humanities 9 (private)

Intermediate / Middle

IC-ROS (private)

Intermediate / Middle A unique collaboration for the International College Beirut, Lebanon and The Red Oaks School, USA



Illegal Drugs (private)

Secondary Our investigation seeks to find an adequate response to the illegal drug culture through an understanding of the development of its market. We will derive action plans using biological, psychological, historical, political, and economic sources.

immigration discussion

Secondary discussion of immigration

Income Inequality

Secondary A short dicussion based assignment on growing income inequality around the world.

Innovation Middle School

Intermediate / Middle We are a high-tech middle school in San Diego, California. We are looking to collaborate with students from other countries to promote cross-cultural understanding.

Intel (private)

Adult Education

International American School of Cancun A.C. (private)

Primary / Elementary

ISB/WMS Challenge 20/20 EFA (private)

Intermediate / Middle This elective for 7th and 8th grade students focus on the NAIS 20/20 Global Challenge with the topic, "Education for All."

Je me présente (private)

Intermediate / Middle students will submit voice recordings in French

JSHAA Student Leadership (private)

Primary / Elementary

Kabataang Pinoy Global Learners (private)

Secondary This classroom is used by all Agusan National High School Butuan City Philippines students who aim to create synergy of learning bridges across the world.

Kadina Primary School (private)

Primary / Elementary Kadina Primary is located in Kadina on the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia.


Intermediate / Middle This is a site will allows collaboration between St Philips Christian College and Knox Grammar Schhool

Kids, Cops & Computers 2007 (private)

Other The Kids, Cops & Computers collaboration brings together all of Merry Go Round's participating schools and police divisions from the GTA.

LA/ Geography Collaboration (private)

Intermediate / Middle


Primary / Elementary This is a collaboration between Ms. LaLuna's 8th grade Honor's class, Elston Middle School, Michigan City Indiana, Colegio Celta Internacional Queretaro, Queretaro, Mexico celta.edu.mx Teacher Leader Dennis Voss, Maestro de EF and Historia And I.E.D ESTHER FORERO ARTE Y TECNOLOGÍA...

Life boat New Zealand (private)

Secondary We are a Year 9 cross curricular class of 13 year olds living in Wellington,New Zealand and we are about to embark (next Term in April/May 2009) on an enquiry into environmental sustainability and the problems we all face due to rising sea levels and climate change. As their English teacher, I...

Lori Weider

Secondary New Bedford High School on-line ELA learning environment used by IT media center classes

Low Carbon Lunch Collaboration (private)

Secondary This is a classroom for students to discuss the Low Carbon Lunch Challenge. The Low Carbon Lunch is a Tread Lightly project to engage students in reducing their carbon footprints through sustainable food choices. For more information on Tread Lightly, visit: www.treadlightly.me

Making connections with secondary schools

Secondary There are going to be a number of New Zealand secondary school teachers involved with using the TIGed tools and they will be looking to make connections with classrooms in other parts of the world. This collaboration is to start collecting expressions of interest from other parts of the world to...

Maritime Pollution (private)

Primary / Elementary What have you learned about maritime pollution and its effects on people and the world?

Massive step-up against poverty (private)

Intermediate / Middle Number of schools in team: 3 Global problem assigned: Massive step-up in the fight against poverty Grade level of team: 5-9 (middle school) Term: 2010-2011: Term Two - Feb-May - Report due May 3 Your team's primary contact is: Christine McWilliams Holland Township School...

Massive Step-Up in the Fight Against Poverty

Primary / Elementary Challenge 20/20 Partnership between the Baldwin School in Bryn Mawr, PA, the American School in Tokyo, Japan, and Waldron Mercy Academy in Merion Station, PA.

Massive Step-up in the Fight Against Poverty (private)

Intermediate / Middle Challenge 2020 partnership between Sheridan School, JFK Middle School, and Tabaka D.E.B. Primary School - Massive Step-up in the Fight Against Poverty

Math & Music Collab


McNally & Yantai Collaboration Site (private)

Secondary This is the collaboration site for McNally and Yantai.

MDY and Beijing 80's Global Warming Project (private)

Secondary Magen David Yeshiva and Beijing #80's Global Warming Project!

Miami Lakes Project Citizen (private)

Intermediate / Middle

MiamiLakes (private)

Intermediate / Middle This is an 8yh grade U.S. History bilingual (Spanish-English) class that is also participating in Project Citizen.

Mike's Test Collaboration (private)

Primary / Elementary Never

Monarch Sustainability (private)

Primary / Elementary Monarch butterfly study: habitat, migration patterns, how we can help sustain the population

Mrs Huard's Homeroom (private)

Intermediate / Middle Mrs. Huard's Homeroom

Mrs. Neal Class #1 (private)

Intermediate / Middle


Post-Secondary (College / University) Mahim Social Workers' Night High School & Junior College of Commerce

My class (private)

Intermediate / Middle English practice

My Hero (private)

Primary / Elementary

My Hero (private)

Primary / Elementary

My Hero Call To Action (private)

Primary / Elementary RAP gifted students from McConnell Elementary, Hixson, TN are excited to be collaborating with My Hero Call to Action

NAIS Challenge 20/20 - Village and SEV

Primary / Elementary collaboration on the topic of water deficits.

Natural Disaster and Mitigation (private)

Intermediate / Middle Challenge 20/20 project.

Natural Disaster Prevention and Mitigation 2 (private)

Intermediate / Middle Challenge 20/20 collaboration

Navigators (private)

Intermediate / Middle Youth from the New York City Housing Authority and students from Accra, Dublin, Mumbai, Jerusalem and Paris explore local business and the world economy.

Navigators (private)

Primary / Elementary Participating Cities: Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, London, Mexico City, Mumbai, New York City, Prague, Toronto

Navigators (private)

Intermediate / Middle A collaboration space for students in Accra, Berlin, Changwon, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, London, Mumbai, New York City, Sydney, Toronto, and Warsaw.

NWZAA Educators (private)

Primary / Elementary This space is a place for educators and staff to share in support of youth climate projects


Primary / Elementary Challenge 20/20 project Deforestation global and local

Oilsands Sustainability Dialogue (private)

Secondary Collaborative space for Oilsands Sustainability Education Dialogue.

organic garden (private)

Primary / Elementary

Our community guidelines

Secondary Let's all discuss our comunity values!

Our Little Business (private)

Intermediate / Middle OLE-club students decided to make their our companies and start working together. So 6th Graders is running the own business))))

Our Roles in Education for All (private)

Intermediate / Middle Our shared exploration aims at setting the stage for content area work in the humanities. This introduction will highlight the nature and meaning of our own education and our roles and responsibilities in access to education for all.

Our Solar Future-Collaboration (private)

Intermediate / Middle Teachers collaborating to "test" and adapt Our Solar Future. Our Solar Future is a classroom resource which helps grade 6 teachers to run a hands-on science unit on solar PV with their class. The units are connected directly to the Ontario curriculum. It is an integrated unit for language...



paramsathiya (private)

Primary / Elementary Students of GLobal Indian International School has chosen water deficits as their concern on global issue

Peace Murals

Primary / Elementary This collaboration will focus feature student photographs of what peace looks like i n their communiities and schools. This project is based on the beautiful book called "A Little Peace" by Barbara Kerley

Peacekeeping, conflict prevention, combating terrorism (private)

Intermediate / Middle Challenge 20/20

Peacekeeping, conflict prevention, combating terrorism (private)

Intermediate / Middle Challenge 20/20

Peacekeeping, conflict prevention, combating terrorism 2 (private)

Intermediate / Middle Challenge 20/20

Peacekeeping, Conflict Prevention, Terrorism (private)

Secondary Global-citizen students from Episcopal Collegiate School-Jackson T. Stephens Campus in Arkansas, Rockingham County High School in North Carolina, and Colegio Menor San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador will work together on the global topics of peacekeeping, conflict prevention, and combating...

Peacekeeping, Conflict, and Terrorism Prevention (private)

Secondary This class is designed as a collaboration to address the problems and issues concerning Peacekeeping, Combating Terrorism, and Conflict Resolution in conjunction with the NAIS Challenge 20/20 program.

Peacekeeping/Conflict (private)

Intermediate / Middle Challenge 20/20 Peacekeeping and conflict resolution

Pen Pals (private)

Intermediate / Middle Pen Pals Project between Leading Edge Sixth Graders in United States and Sonlight Academy students in Haiti.

Poverty (private)

Secondary Students will work to research information related to global poverty and to understand long-term solutions.

poverty (private)

Primary / Elementary Global poverty is the talk of the world today!

Poverty (private)

Primary / Elementary We are partnering to help fight global poverty.

Presentation and Ulearn Workshop1 Collabo (private)

Professional Development


Post-Secondary (College / University) Proiect de educație pentru sănătate.

Proyecto 20/20 2013

Secondary Proyecto entre 3 escuelas: Colegio Menor San Francisco Dossenberger-Gymnasium Punahou School para NAIS challenge 20/20 , Otoño, 2013

Qingdao & M.E. LaZerte Collaboration Site (private)

Secondary This is the collaboration site for Qingdao & M.E. LaZerte.

Queen Elizabeth & Weifang Collaboration Site (private)

Secondary This is the collaboration site for Queen ELizabeth High School and Weifang Middle School #1.

Queen's Horizons Conference

Other Collaborative Space for Queen's Horizon Conference workshop.

Red Hispano Latinoamericano de Salud Joven (private)


Rockyview Writing Grade 8 Collaboration (private)

Intermediate / Middle ..

Romeo and Juliet Collaboration (private)

Intermediate / Middle

Ross Shep & Shandong Collaboration Site (private)

Secondary This is the site for Ross Shep and Shandong Experimental to collaborate.

Safe Routes to School Project (private)

Primary / Elementary Saanich Climate Action Collaboarative Project

Santos8 (private)

Intermediate / Middle Mr. Santos 8th grade language arts, religion and Juan Diego Project page.

Self Portfolio (private)

Intermediate / Middle

Sharon Center School (private)

Intermediate / Middle Partnership with local public school and La Zahina, Panama.

SMES - Bally (private)

Secondary Ap human Geo

SOF Community (private)

Intermediate / Middle

Solar Oven Challenge

Other The Solar Oven Challenge engages students in the building, testing and baking with solar ovens. Students use the solar oven construction plan or design their own. Teachers register their classes or groups and share a description and complete the project by June 8, 2012. All entries are posted on...

Solve Poverty (private)

Intermediate / Middle This collaboration will explore the problem of Global poverty and look for local solutions.

Stephen Grimwood (private)

Secondary I am looking for a French-speaking school to discuss global issues (in English and French) with my senior French class. Je cherche un lycée francophone pour discuter des issues globales (en français et en anglais).

Summer 2014 (private)

Intermediate / Middle A collaboration space for students in Accra, Johannesburg, Melbourne, Mumbai, and New York City.

Taishan/Lillian Osborne Collaboration Site (private)

Secondary This is the site for Taishan and Lillian Osborne schools to collaborate in.

Tech Demo (private)

Primary / Elementary

Technology_Department (private)

Intermediate / Middle

Term 1 - Swimming Pool EEI (private)

Secondary A place to share ideas and frustrations, and to seek/provide help and support.

test (private)

Primary / Elementary test

Test 3 (private)

Primary / Elementary Testtesttest

Test Collab


Test Collab 2 (private)

Intermediate / Middle This collab was created to test the registration form feature.

test collaboration (private)

Primary / Elementary test collaboration

Test Collaboration (private)

Primary / Elementary Testing 123

Test collaboration

Primary / Elementary Test test test

Test Collaboration (private)

Primary / Elementary Test test test

Test Collaboration (private)

Primary / Elementary Test collaboration

Test Collaboration (private)

Primary / Elementary Collaboration

Test Collaboration (private)

Professional Development This is a demonstration of a collaboration.

Test Collaboration 2 (private)

Primary / Elementary Test


Primary / Elementary test

test2 (private)

Primary / Elementary testing

test5 (private)

Professional Development

TestingTLCollaborations (private)

Secondary This is a test collaboration for the TIGed team. The template of this collaboration is based on my TestingFootprints class.

TestingTLCollaborations2 (private)

Primary / Elementary This is a TEST V2

The Robotic Culture

Intermediate / Middle

The US and Bahrain Take on Global Warming

Intermediate / Middle NAIS Challenge 20/20 Global Warming partnership

thematic_test (private)

Primary / Elementary Testing don't approve this test because i'm testing thanks!


Secondary First Collaboration on TIGed. A test of course. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book....

Tongue Twister Challenge (private)

Intermediate / Middle Share your tonguetwister with the world... just do it!

Tower/GIIS- fight against poverty (private)

Primary / Elementary Challenge 20/20 project focusing on stepping up the fight against poverty.

Travelers (private)

Intermediate / Middle Participating cities: Accra, Mumbai, New York City and Sydney

Travelers (private)

Primary / Elementary Participating Cities: Bogotá, Karachi, London, Mumbai, New York City, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, Warsaw

Travelers (private)

Intermediate / Middle A collaboration space for students in Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Lima, Mumbai, Shanghai, and Toronto.

Treading Lightly Together (private)

Intermediate / Middle A classroom in Canada working with a classroom in the Netherlands in order to learn together about how to live more sustainably.

UNICEF Review (private)

Secondary Collaborative space for review of the UNICEF document "Climate Change, Children and Youth".

UWO Faculty of Education Geography (private)

Post-Secondary (College / University) This web site may be used by teacher candidates enrolled in the geography programs at the Faculty of Education: University of Western Ontario.

Videoconferencing in the Classroom (private)

Secondary Collaborative projects on any subject with schools using ip or isdn videoconferencing

Voyagers (private)

Intermediate / Middle Participating Cities: Cuernavaca, London, Mumbai, New York City, Paris, Shanghai, Sydney, Toronto

Voyagers (private)

Intermediate / Middle A collaboration space for students in cities around the world.

Voyagers 2010 (private)

Primary / Elementary Youth from the YMCA of Greater New York and students from Accra, Lima, Rome, Singapore and Vancouver explore local business and the world economy.

Water (private)

Intermediate / Middle Water studies 20/20 challenge

Water Deficit (private)

Primary / Elementary Our schools are studying the global problem of Water Deficit.

Water Deficit (private)

Primary / Elementary This is a collaboration between Bethel Elementary School in Midland, North Carolina in the USA, Browne Academy in Alexandria, Virginia in the USA, and Uganda Martyrs Namilyango Junior Boys School in Mukono, Uganda. Together we will explore solutions to the problem of global water deficits.

Water Deficit (private)

Primary / Elementary Use this as a collaboration tool.

Water Deficit Project (private)

Intermediate / Middle A collaboration between the SEV Middle School in Izmir, Turkey and St.Catherine's Middle School in Richmond, Virginia on the global issue of water deficits in the environment.

Water deficits (private)

Intermediate / Middle Challenge 20/20

Water Deficits (private)

Intermediate / Middle A partnership between The American School Foundation in Mexico City, Mexico; Rosemont School of the Holy Child in Rosemont, PA; and The Baldwin School in Bryn Mawr, PA. We will research national and international water deficits.

Water Deficits (private)

Intermediate / Middle Collaboration between Pinewood School Middle Campus, Vama Lower Secondary School, and Traverse City West Middle School on the topic of Water Deficits

Water Deficits Project

Primary / Elementary This is the collaboration portal for students at The Children's School of Art and Science, Highland Community School, and Star of Wonder School.

Water Warriors (private)

Primary / Elementary Working together to help the water deficit.

Whitewater-Poljane (private)

Secondary This is a collaboration between Whitewater Middle School and Gimnazija Poljane high school, Project 20/20

WindwardJFK (private)

Secondary This is the collaboration page for Windward School in Los Angeles, CA and JFK School of Queretero, Mexico

Winner's Circle Team (private)

Primary / Elementary Winner's Circle!

Winnipeg Action Projects on Energy and Sustainability (private)

Secondary Collaboration on student action projects on energy and sustainability. Funded by the Winnipeg Foundation

Workshop Collaboration (private)

Professional Development This is a demo collaboration for our workshop.

World Class Schools Conferences (private)

Secondary World Class School Video Conferences Debates YMCA Mock Trials Food For Thought Myths Knowledge Bowl Non Verbal Communication Spanish Russian Chinese

World Hunger

Primary / Elementary We're thinking about world hunger. We're acting to fight global hunger. We're changing the way we consume and waste food.

Zero Footprint Challenge (private)

Secondary The Zerofootprint challenge encourages students across the world to take climate change into their own hands by competing to reduce their school’s environmental impact. Join to measure your footprint, then challenge another school to a race to reduce!