Name Added by Description
Climate Change 101 - Science and Impact Stephen MacKinnon Sara "This report provides an overview of the most up-to-date scientific evidence and also explains the causes and projected impacts of climate change."

DF - there is a massive quantity of information available at the C2ES website - excellent for research but again needs a "lesson or assignment" to go with it.
Jun 20th, 2012

Effects of Climate Change on Living Things gmiller Students divide into small groups to explore information cards regarding how living creatures are being affected by climate change. They then create a poster, skit, song, share their learnings with classmates.

DF - I like the activity but it would be better if we had a custom version. This one is cumbersome - would be better to just have more "cards" and great variety in student presentations as mentioned by Gayle.
Jun 24th, 2012

Societal Implications of Climate Change gmiller This activity allows students to read about various countries and use information about climate impact projections to predict the effects of climate change on different countries. Reflection questions included.

DF - this is a great start but we would have to supplement to have a Canadian flavour (not two US States)
Jun 24th, 2012

Unicef Video: Climate Change and Children gmiller Unicef provides a moving look at how children around the world are being impacted by climate change.
May 27th, 2012