The children of Sierra Leone

Posted by whitehoa on June 29th, 2011

A big thanks to Alex Sancton, on assignment in Sierra Leone, for leading a live chat with Ms. Kan's class in British Columbia and Mr. Howe's class in Ontario. Bravo to the students for asking such great questions.We learned a lot about daily life and the challenges facing children in Sierra Leone. 

Hunger Isn't Just a Stomach Thing!

Posted by whitehoa on June 13th, 2011

A short video explaining the effects of malnutrition.

Breakfast Traditions

Posted by katharinekan on May 5th, 2011

We are a class of Grade 4/5 students in Vancouver. 

To begin our discussion about hunger, we are sharing about the presence of food in our lives and why breakfast is important to us.  The students at University Hill Elementary come from many different ethnic backgrounds, so we thought it would be interesting to discover what kinds of food each of us begins our day with.

My post below begins the assignment.

 Breakfast is an important meal of the day to give our bodies fuel and energy.  When I travelled to different places around the world, I learned that everyone does breakfast differently!  I learned that hearty weekend brunch meals such as sausage and eggs, waffles, and pancakes are a North American tradition.  Imagine my disappointment when I received a cup of coffee and piece of baguette with butter for breakfast in France when I had imagined something else!   What do you have for breakfast?  Is what you eat a traditional breakfast?  Post an image of what you normally eat.  I've posted a photo of my favourite breakfast food: cereal.  In fact, my favourite cereal is "Just Right".

Ms. Katharine Kan

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Posted by whitehoa on April 5th, 2011

Today Ms. Kan's class from Vancouver, BC had a live chat with youth on a medical mission in Sierra Leone. The three youth from California (originally from Canada) were helping their dad, Dr. Kevin White, as he provided medical care to children and their families in Sierra Leone. The students in Ms. Kan's class have been learning about food, nutrition and healthy living. They wanted to learn about the challenges that children in Sierra Leone face in the areas of food security and health. Here's a video that prompted some of the BC students' questions.

Introduce Yourself

Posted by whitehoa on February 7th, 2011

pizzaHello Students and Teachers participating in the World Hunger Collaboration!

Please take a moment to introduce yourself by joining the discussion Introductions. Tell us your first name and favourite food. Feel free to upload a photo of an artwork of your favourite food into the Gallery. Check out the Bookmarks for links to suggested art activities if you're interested in making paper or clay food sculptures. Have fun!  

How to Participate

Posted by whitehoa on January 26th, 2011

foodTeacher Garry Howe and students of the Glen Dhu School World Vision Club invite your class to join their fight against world hunger. Participation in their World Hunger Collaboration Project involves completing the three steps of the World Class Program:

1. THINK: Engage your students in learning about food consumption, food waste, nutrition, malnutrition and world hunger. Use lessons from GEAR(Global Education Activity Resource) located on the Resources page of the website and other resources and activities found in the file World Hunger. Invite your students to post blogs about what they are learning and doing. Start online discussions and invite responses from your students as well as students from other schools participating in the collaboration.

2. ACT: Participate in the Skip-A-Snack Day event in mid-April. Students skip their morning snack, and bring in a donation to support World Vision’s work in Haiti, including school feeding programs for children. Our aim is to have all schools arrange their Skip-A-Snack date within the same week. The exact week will be announced shortly. Check the file Haiti (in the collaboration space) for field stories and videos to share with your students about Haiti’s progress a year after the devastating earthquake.

You could also engage students in creating posters or other projects to increase awareness of global hunger in the school community. Perhaps students could present what they’ve learned about world hunger as part of the Skip-A-Snack-Day event. Challenge your students to come up with other actions to promote awareness of and fight hunger. Invite them to share their ideas with us!

3. CHANGE: Have your students complete a reflection exercise of some kind to share how the learning activities and action has changed their views and behaviours. Have students post their reflections in a blog, or compile student responses and create one class blog to post in this collaboration space. Be sure to check the box bedsied "Change" blog entry to indicate that your class has completed the program.

All schools that complete each of the steps above will become a certified “World Class School” by World Vision Canada and will receive a World Vision certificate of achievement.

Register to the World Hunger Collaboration! First, if you are not already a member of World Class, register your class (it's free). Then, use the registration link and code found in the Staff Room discussion World Hunger Collaboration Project to join the collaboration.

When your class joins this collaboration, you and your students will be automatically added to the collaboration space. This means that you and your students may post online discussions, blogs and images to the gallery, as well as reply to the discussions and blogs of other participating classes. You will have access to all the web tools in the left menu under Your collaboration

Note: Your students will only be imported into this collaboration space if you have already created a class list in your own World Class classroom. For help on how to create a class list, see the World Class User Guide.

If you are interested or have any questions please contact Garry Howe at Glen Dhu P.S. at (905) 668-8779, or launch a discussion with your questions in the Staff Room.

For support in using the World Class site or accessing classroom resources, contact Hoa Truong-White (

Hungry for Change?

Posted by whitehoa on January 18th, 2011

Are you hungry for change? Join the students at Glen Dhu Public School in learning about nutrition, malnutrition and world hunger. Then, participate in the Skip-A-Snack Day event (in April) and make a difference for children in Haiti.