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Posted by Mandeep Atwal on 13 May 2011

  • Welcome to DeforestACTION!

The DeforestACTION Collaboration is a space for you to:

  • Become INSPIRED by the wonders of the forest;
  • Become INFORMED by understanding the causes, impacts and politics of deforestation at the local and global level;
  • Become INVOLVED with students from around the world in creating a global action plan against deforestation.

In this space, you can:

  • Create a DeforestACTION blog for your school to share their ideas;
  • Check out games, videos and websites about deforestation inbookmarks;
  • Ask questions and share your thoughts with other students as well as answer assignment questions on the discussion boards;
  • Post and comment on deforestation images, art work and pictures in the gallery;
  • Upload and share your files and writing related to deforestation;
  • Use the map to tell us where you are from; and
  • Engage in real-time text and video chat.

Connect with each other from around the world and take deforestACTION!

Educators: There are several activities listed in the Assignments section that can be conducted with your students.  Please note that activities marked with a P are for primary students, and S for secondary students.  For example, Activity P1 is the first activity for primary students, while S3 is the third activity for secondary students. 

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