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Weekly Schedule

Posted by Jaymej on 4 May 2012

This schedule is subject to change.

Tasks are color coded below: Science Class     Technology Class       Homework


Week # Week of What's Happening
1 1/16

Introduction to water deficits
Read and discuss selections from High Noon: 20 Global Problems, 20 Years to Solve Them by J. Rischard
Read aloud When Watute Wants Some Water

2 1/23

Technology Class

Explore websites on BOOKMARKS page to learn more about water conservation, global water issues, and local water issues.

Homework - Answer discussion questions on ASSIGNMENT page 

3 1/30

Watch videos from Safari Montage related to water resources
Username=student Passsword=student

Scavenger hunt to prepare for upcoming field trips.
Personal water use audits.
Look at school water meters, usage, and bills.

4 2/6 Field Trip
5 2/13 Field Trip
6 2/20 Water experiments. Water carrying simulation?
7 3/5 Brainstorm possible local and global slolutions (possibly the water well GPS location charity or lifestraws)
8 3/12 Outline remaining weeks work - website, contacting partner schools, deciding on group project, select science fair project
9 3/19 science fair/project work
  3/26 No Class - Spring Break
  4/2 No Class - Spring Break
10 4/9 science fair/project work
11 4/16 science fair/project work
12 4/23 science fair/project work
13 4/30 Complete writeup for NAIS Challenge 20/20 (Due Friday 4/6)
  5/7 No Class - 5th grade trip to Williamsburg!
15 5/14 Wrap up project displays for Science Fair


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